Interpol Red Notice Removal & Protection

German Extradition and Interpol Lawyers

Interpol Red Notice Removal & Protection

German Extradition and Interpol Lawyers

An Interpol Red Notice usually represents an enormous emotional burden and a considerable legal challenge for the person concerned. In such cases, highly specialised legal support is needed that always keeps in mind the specifics of this situation and the parties involved. In order to obtain the deletion of such an extradition request, profound knowledge in the field of international mutual legal assistance is required as well as a deep understanding of the functioning of Interpol.

The German law firm Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte is in demand worldwide as a legal partner for the defence and prevention of extradition proceedings and Interpol activities.

With an outstanding track record, we represent business clients, companies and the sensitive group of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) against threatened or already initiated extradition proceedings and Interpol Notices.

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Request for Information: Interpol Red Notices

Interpol allows its member states to enter a Red Notice request worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest an individual with a view to extradition into national police databases. The offence concerned should be a severe ordinary-law crime and, therefore, cannot be issued for trivial offences.

The General Secretariat of Interpol then issues the Interpol Red Notice at the member country’s request. It is issued by the General Secretariat of Interpol at the request of a member country based on a valid national arrest warrant and is not an international arrest warrant.

This can be an avenue for abuse of the function, as Interpol does not conduct a comprehensive analysis of the requests at this stage. Therefore, having an Interpol Red Notice issued against you dramatically reduces your freedoms and is a significant cause for concern.

It can be a challenge to determine whether you are, in fact, the subject of an Interpol Red Notice, as not all of them are made public. An individual may be placed on the Interpol Red Notice list without realising it, leading to difficult situations such as being arrested at an airport. If you suspect that you may be subject to an Interpol notice, contact our extradition lawyers directly, as they will then submit a request for Interpol information on your behalf.

The request for information must be submitted in English, French, Arabic or Spanish, and the admissibility of the information request will be examined. Once we have presented the proposal, the Commission for the Control of Files (CCF) will check whether there is an entry against you in the Interpol Information System (IIS). Should there be an entry against you, the CCF will check whether this entry should be corrected or deleted. If the CCF decides to update or delete the entry, it will contact the General Secretariat (IPSG).

Ensuring that the request for information follows the stated requirements is vital for success. Our experienced extradition lawyers have submitted such information requests and can be relied upon to submit them correctly.

Interpol Red Notice Removal

Interpol Red Notices should not be issued for purely political, racial or religious reasons. Should suspicion exist that the Red Notice has been given on such grounds, it is vital to challenge it. States have tried to abuse the Red Notice, and they should be challenged where political reasons are the true reason for its issuance.

Furthermore, as a democratic organisation, Interpol is subject to strict rules within its own Interpol Constitution and Interpol’s Rules on the Processing of Data concerning the issuing of Interpol Red Notices. Per these documents, there needs to be clarity in the allegations of criminal activity, and contradictions within such allegations must be challenged.

Those seeking the Interpol Red Notice need to provide data concerning the reason for the notice. Such data should include a defined set of identifiers of the person concerned and judicial data such as comprising a summary of facts of the case, the charge(s), the law(s) covering the offence(s), penalties or sentence involved, and reference to a valid arrest warrant or judicial decision.

Although Interpol does not decide the case, they must establish that the alleged offence in question is suitable for a Red Notice.

With our deep knowledge of the requirements of Interpol Red Notices, we will work alongside you to have it deleted. If an Interpol Red Notice is not compliant with the regulations, it will be removed, and our lawyers will know the avenues to pursue such cases.

As your attorney, we will thoroughly examine the data submitted by the alleging party. Inconsistencies and lack of clarity in the data are often substantial grounds to challenge the order. Inability to provide the minimum data sought by Interpol is often an avenue of success when seeking Interpol Red Notice deletion.

Investigating and Amending False Positives and Incomplete Interpol Red Notice Deletion

It is not unusual for the ordered Interpol Red Notice removals to be incomplete on a national level. Although Interpol may be satisfied that the Red Notice order should be deleted, the national state may