Foundations in Germany

German Foundations Lawyers

Foundations in Germany

German Foundations Lawyers

The administration of assets within the framework of foundations has a long tradition in Germany, especially for the common good. As a result of changes in the law governing foundations and changes in economic, political and social conditions, the number of foundations in Germany has risen continuously since 2001.

Whether for private asset succession or corporate succession, promotion of the common good or protection of family assets, with the support of Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB, the individual structuring and implementation of the establishment of the foundation in Germany is successful. We offer our legal services for foundations in Germany, both nationally and internationally, for private individuals and companies. Please, do not hesitate to contact us directly for specialised legal assistance.

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Comprehensive legal advice regarding
  • Establishment of a foundation with legal capacity

  • Your rights and obligations as a foundation
  • Choosing the right form of foundation

    • Family foundation | Trust foundation
    • Testamentary foundation | Public law foundation
  • Foundation law | Non-profit law
  • Drafting and reviewing the foundation statutes
  • Organisation / administration of a foundation
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Advice on Foundations in Germany

Foundations in Germany are institutions that pursue a purpose determined by the founder with a certain amount of assets and earnings. The organisation of the foundation and its articles of association are the most important components of the foundation. They should be legally secure and concrete at the time of establishment. This enables the founder’s will to be successfully implemented. The foundation’s purpose is of particular importance for the foundation’s general activity, establishment requirements and organisation. This purpose is permanent and is laid down in the foundation transaction and the foundation statutes.

Founders can be private individuals, companies, churches, religious groups and the state. The legal form of foundations varies. They can be structured as legal entities, i.e. foundations with legal capacity under civil or public law. The establishment and organisation of foundations with legal capacity under civil law are regulated in §§ 80 ff. German Civil Code (BGB). These can participate in other legal entities, e.g. limited partnerships.