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Business Immigration

Legal Solutions Made in Germany

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our business immigration lawyers can expertly handle all of our clients’ legal requirements, regardless of whether these concern individuals or companies. The challenges can be very different. While clients can come to Germany via “Business Immigration”, business clients are looking for a reliable partner for all immigration issues of their business. Our lawyers have many years of experience in dealing with the complex demands placed on us and will respond quickly to our clients’ concerns when needed.

Business Immigration to Germany
for Investors and Entrepreneurs

Business investors and self-employed persons can obtain a German residence permit by acquiring or founding a company. This process is called Business Immigration.

Business Immigration Services
for Companies

You are a company executive and want to employ foreign specialists in Germany as quickly as possible? Our Immigration Lawyers take care of all your immigration concerns to ensure the smooth running of your business.

German Business Immigration Services for Companies

Germany remains the strongest economy in Europe and is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to exports. Germany is a global leader in manufacturing, engineering, and the chemical industry, as well as an increased focus on renewable energy sources Germany is preparing itself for the future. Nowadays, the domestic labour market is not sufficient to find the necessary skilled workers. For a company, the international labour market is of great importance. However, this requires that you have a strong partner at your side who can reliably take care of all immigration law aspects of a professional from abroad. We offer comprehensive advice and representation in the field of German immigration law for companies.

Corporate Expansion to Germany

Expanding an established company to Germany brings challenges for even the most experienced business professionals. The German market is very lucrative, but there can be pitfalls in negotiating the complexity of German bureaucracy. Determining which organisational structure to pursue is a vital step in pursuing your goals to move to Germany. Expert analysis and specialised counsel is required when deciding how best to make the expansion to Germany.

Our lawyers provide thorough due diligence and keen advice built on years of experience when analysing M&A transactions. Comprehensive due diligence is a necessity to ensure that no surprises emerge during the negotiations. Following the due diligence, our lawyers will structure the most appropriate form of the transaction, bearing in mind your company’s goals and structures.

Alternatively, purchasing a ready-made shelf company is another option for those looking to expand to Germany. Such a purchase brings the benefit of having an established corporate body in the market and ensures fewer bureaucratic requirements in the setting up of your company. Once the company has been purchased, our corporate lawyers will oversee the bureaucratic necessities to allow the business to be shaped in the desired manner.

Corporate Relocation Services

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our team provides comprehensive relocation services to Germany from abroad. If your company is planning on relocating its employees, our team can be your reliable partner regarding work permits, residence permits (including EU Blue Card applications), finding accommodation, registering your e