German Dual Citizenship Law 2024: Transformative Changes

Germany's laws on dual citizenship have undergone a historic transformation. Traditionally reluctant to allow dual citizenship, Germany has gradually become more lenient, especially for citizens from other EU member states and Switzerland, and now dual citizenship is more accessible for those residing in Germany from third countries (non-EU countries). Previously, German citizens living [...]

Emigrating to Germany as an IT-Professional

If you are an IT specialist with professional experience looking for a new challenge, Germany presents itself as a country with a high demand for those with the proper qualifications. Working in Germany provides the opportunity to be based right at the heart of Europe and to benefit from all that Germany has to [...]

Developments in German Dual Citizenship Law: 2022

After two months of talks, the German "traffic light" coalition has agreed to a deal to form a coalition government. With their diverse political agendas, the Social Democrats (SPD), the Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) and the liberal Free Democrats (FDP) have had eight weeks of discussion, and have drawn a plan for government [...]

The Benefits of EU Citizenship

As a member of the European Union, German citizens experience the many benefits of European Union citizenship. EU citizenship opens almost the entire continent of Europe as a place to live, work, study, retire, and much more. Having EU citizenship allows German citizens to benefit from extra consular support when needed. At Schlun & Elseven [...]

Persecution under National Socialism: Facilitated Naturalisation

§ 116 (2) German Constitution provides for former German nationals who were deprived of their citizenship for political, racial or religious reasons between 30 January 1933 and 8 May 1945, as well as for their descendants, to be entitled to re-naturalisation (so-called "Wiedergutmachungseinbürgerung"). Other types of naturalisation sometimes require a certain knowledge of German [...]

Digital Nomad Visa in Germany 2022

The number of people working digitally and away from the office was already on the rise before the Covid-19 pandemic; however, it has only increased further since then. Employers have seen that employees in certain sections can work partly or fully online over the last year. The pandemic has accelerated the process, and it [...]

Proposed New EU Blue Card Rules: 2021

Proposed changes to the EU Blue Card were agreed on by the European Parliament and the Council, and they are part of an overall plan to change aspects of the European Union's migration policy. These alterations aim to attract more highly skilled professionals to European countries, including Germany, which should provide an answer for [...]