Residence Permit After Divorce in Germany

Divorce and separation is a reality of modern life. This holds true for Germany as it does for many other parts of the world. Divorce proceedings are not pleasant on anyone but there can be further worries if your residence permit is linked to your marriage. Our family law page has advice on issues [...]

Entry ban to Germany: What are my options?

The entry ban is a sensitive issue, which is often associated with many uncertainties for those affected. What exactly does an entry ban entail in Germany? How long does an German entry ban last? Can an entry ban be lifted? Legal basis of the entry ban in Germany The legal basis for imposing an entry [...]

Germany & Great Britain: Will there be an easier naturalization process for British citizens in future?

A draft bill by the German Federal Foreign Office on a transitional law for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union shows that Germany intends to lower the obstacles for the naturalisation of British citizens. If British citizens apply for a German passport during the transition period of the “Brexit”, they will be allowed to keep [...]

Visa for speciality cook in Germany

The demand for international culinary specialities is steadily increasing in Germany, although until now dishes of equal quality as in a parental kitchen are rarely to be found. Therefore, the possibility for foreign speciality cooks to live and work here in Germany is all the more pleasing. However, the legal situation in Germany with regard [...]