Validity of European Arrest Warrants from Poland

Disputes between Poland and the European Union has been simmering for some time now, and the relationship is getting worse. Currently, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has to deal with the difficult question of whether a European Arrest Warrant issued by Poland can still claim general validity when the legal foundation in the [...]

Deportation Prohibition when Concrete Danger of a Life-Threatening Situation (Germany)

In February 2017, the Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg (Case No.: 11 S 447/17) made a landmark decision. The court ruled that deportation is not legally permissible if there is a concrete danger that the health of the person concerned will deteriorate substantially or life-threateningly as a result of the deportation itself. This prohibition takes [...]

Interpol Notices Explained: A Legal Overview

It is of fundamental importance to know the meanings behind Interpol Notices and your rights in the event of an alert affecting you personally. This information will give you the knowledge you need to figure out the next step in proceedings. The following article will allow you to orient yourself and find the next [...]