Extradition of Conscientious Objectors from Germany to Ukraine or Russia

The debate on the extradition of Ukrainian and Russian conscientious objectors has recently entered the public discourse in Germany. The discussion was triggered by the statement of politician David Arakhamia in the Ukrainian parliament that the extradition of persons who had illegally evaded military service was possible. Legally, the extradition of Ukrainian or Russian conscientious [...]

The Role of Diplomacy in German Extradition Cases

Extradition cases are legal decisions whose legality is judged according to international treaties and national law. This involves two aspects: the sufficiency of the suspicion and the existence of all formal extradition requirements established by the competent courts. What does diplomacy have to do with extraditions? Diplomacy already plays a decisive role in the [...]

The Extradition of Roman Polanski

For almost 50 years, Roman Polanski has been evading the still-pending sentence he faces for having sex with a minor in the US. In 1977, he was charged and pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse with a then 13-year-old - he was 43 years old at the time. During the trial, an agreement was [...]

Validity of European Arrest Warrants from Poland

Disputes between Poland and the European Union has been simmering for some time now, and the relationship is getting worse. Currently, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has to deal with the difficult question of whether a European Arrest Warrant issued by Poland can still claim general validity when the legal foundation in the [...]