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German Timber Lawyers

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our German forestry lawyers are here to advise our clients on German timber law and the legal requirements for all other forest products. Our expert in German forestry law, Dr Richard Nouvertné, advises foresters, forest enterprises, forestry associations and forestry cooperatives among other groups, and is your reliable legal partner in this complex field. As the managing director of a forest owners’ association, Dr Nouvertné has insight into the challenges facing those in the forestry industry. Alongside him is our team of legal experts who are seasoned negotiators and skilled contract lawyers.

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, we are a full-service law firm with offices in Cologne, Aachen and Düsseldorf alongside conference room facilities across Germany. We advise clients worldwide in all areas of German law in English and German.

Your Legal Partner in German Forestry Law

German Forestry Lawyer: Dr Richard Nouvertné

Dr Richard Nouvertné
German Forestry Lawyer

Expert legal counsel in German forestry law.

With years of experience in the field, Dr Nouvertné is your reliable legal partner

German Timber Law, Contracts and Our Services

Our German timber lawyers advise you on all matters concerning the purchase and sale of timber and your dealings with public bodies and private customers. Working with an experienced legal professional from the beginning ensures that the legal requirements are fulfilled and that your contracts fulfil their purpose. Mistakes made during the contract drafting process increase the likelihood of legal disputes and other problems in the future. Should a conflict arise, our legal team will advise you on methods of conflict resolution such as arbitration or litigation, and will be by your side throughout.

In Germany, those in the forestry industry need to consider state and federal legislation in such matters. German timber law is a complex field where working with a specialist in the area is a significant advantage. As experienced contract negotiators, our German timber lawyers will ensure that you receive the highest quality legal advice with support from our contract law team.

As German timber lawyers, our services include negotiating timber sale and purchase agreements, advising on conservation easements, overseeing loan agreements, guidance in German tax law requirements, timber deeds, boundary disputes, timber management contracts, the import and export of timber and wood supply agreements.

Due to his experience as the managing director of a forest owners’ association, Dr Nouvertné is fully aware of the challenges faced by those in the forestry industry and is here to provide you with the expert counsel needed. Our team can analyse your current contracts and support your enterprise in discussions and negotiations with state bodies and private customers.

Operating a Forestry Enterprise

Forestry enterprises can benefit from the full-service support of our law firm. A productive partnership with our law firm means that your company will have legal experts in its corner in matters such as fusions, mergers and acquisitions, structuring the enterprise and German employment law.

Our lawyers will advise you on best-practice within the industry to ensure that your enterprise performs to its potential. In German employment law, our lawyers will look for the smooth running of your enterprise through drafting employment contracts, advice on the rights of managers and directors, a keen understanding of severance payments and the termination of employment and more. For established and starting companies in the forestry industry, our lawyers will analyse the company’s structure to ensure that it operates to its potential.

Combining in-depth knowledge in the traditional elements of running a business with specialist assistance in the environmental, compliance, air quality and natural resource maintenance requirements a forestry enterprise needs to be aware of, Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte provides all of the insight your group needs from one source. Our German timber lawyers will help your group reach its aims and objectives and support you in navigating the regulatory landscape.

Contact a German Timber Lawyer

Please use the contact form to inform us about your concerns in the field of German forestry law. After receiving your request, we will make a short preliminary assessment on the basis of the information provided and give you a cost estimation. You are then free to decide whether you want to instruct our German timber lawyers.