Lawyer of Trust (Ombudsman) Germany

German Whistleblower Lawyers

Lawyer of Trust (Ombudsman) Germany

German Whistelblower Lawyers

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our whistleblowing lawyers support corporate clients and whistleblowers as external lawyers of confidence (ombudsmen) to prevent corruption within companies.

Recent years have demonstrated that whistleblowing can cause significant reputational damage to even the largest and most well-known companies. Potential whistleblowers can also face great difficulties if they present their information without first determining whether it is right to go to the public. Our external lawyers of confidence allow whistleblowers to report matters of corruption, white-collar crime or other concerns without fear of revealing their identity.

For companies, working alongside an external lawyer of confidence (ombudsman) allows actions of corruption, white-collar crime and other damaging matters to be uncovered. Allowing the whistleblower to act anonymously means they can confidently report their information to security. Once the company knows the information, it can act appropriately without facing the reputational damage of having the information become public knowledge.

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Our Services

For affected companies
  • Compliance and training

  • Protective measures for company secrets

  • Internal investigations

  • Implementation of the whistleblower system
For whistleblowers
  • Advice on your rights and obligations as a whistleblower
  • Advice prior to the disclosure of company information
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Identity protection
  • Reporting to supervisory authorities