Business Immigration from Ukraine to Germany

Comprehensive support from a full-service law firm

Business Immigration
from Ukraine to Germany

Comprehensive support from a full-service law firm

Business Immigration from Ukraine to Germany

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our firm specialises in business immigration services for both entrepreneurs and companies. Business immigration challenges for companies and individuals can be very different. Our legal team is ready to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs, founders and investors and other businesspeople with their German business immigration needs. Contact our firm directly to start working with our legal team.

Business Immigration as an Entrepreneur or Investor

Ukrainian investors and entrepreneurs in Germany can apply for the German self-employment visa under § 21 German Residence Act. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our business immigration lawyers have supported our clients worldwide in applying for this visa. To be successful with an application, the entrepreneur must provide a business concept that the German authorities will carefully analyse. The business model should fulfil the criteria required under German law, which are the following three requirements:

  • It must meet an economic interest or regional need,
  • It shall have a positive impact on the economy,
  • The financing must be secured by equity capital or a loan commitment.

In determining whether applications meet the standard, the competent authorities assess them using the following criteria:

  • The viability of the underlying business plan,
  • The relevant business experience of the applicant,
  • The amount of money to be invested in Germany,
  • The businesses’ impact on the employment and training situation,
  • The project’s contribution to innovation and research.

Our team will provide you with the necessary guidance to meet these steps.

A benefit of this visa form is that the applicant does not need to prove knowledge of the German language and does not need to demonstrate specific qualifications for an application be successful. A successful application also opens the door to future permanent residency and even citizenship in Germany.

Corporate Relocation Services

The lawyers at Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte are ready to support you in matters of corporate relocation. Moving from the Ukraine to Germany is an enormous step, and support is available from our team. This assistance takes the form of overseeing visa applications and residence permits, finding suitable accommodation and resolving the necessary bureaucracy involved, advice regarding family reunification, authenticating and translating essential documents, helping you register for taxes and much more. If you would like personalised help from our law firm, make sure to contact us directly.

Employment Visas: ICT Card & Skilled Immigration Options

Staying long-term in Germany may mean ensuring that you have access to employment. Generally, those entering Germany from third countries cannot work until they receive a residence permit allowing them to do so by the locally competent foreigners’ registration office. However, exceptions exist regarding this work ban for Ukrainian citizens with biometric passports. In response to the conflict situation, from June 2022, Ukrainian citizens will receive benefits under SGB II or SGB XII as basic state security. Such a move will allow Ukrainian refugees to immediately take up work in Germany. Alongside this, they will receive support in integrating into the German labour market.

For those looking to take up skilled employment, our lawyers advise on steps that can be taken under the German Skilled Immigration Act and whether other residence permits may be open to you. Under the German Skilled Immigration Act, “skilled workers” are defined as those who:

  • have completed vocational training in Germany or have a non-German occupational qualification which is equivalent to one acquired in Germany, or
  • have a German or a foreign higher education degree recognised or otherwise comparable to a German higher education degree.

This option may be pursued by candidates who may be skilled at their job and possess the necessary experience but do not have a university degree.

EU Blue Card Applications and Related Legal Services

The EU Blue Card is a residence permit for those looking to make Germany their new home. This residence permit allows its holder to gain German permanent residency after 33 months (or 21 months in the case of the required German language knowledge). By gaining permanent residency, the EU Blue Cardholder can work towards gaining German citizenship in the future.

The EU Blue Card is for high-earning individuals from third countries and those in fields with employee shortages. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our business immigration team has supported clients worldwide in their EU Blue Card application. Applicants need to fulfil the following conditions when seeking this residence permit:

  • possession of a German or an accredited foreign university degree comparable to a German one.
  • an offer of a job in Germany that reaches the required earning limits– or
  • an offer of a job in an area where workers are being sought for in Germany (scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors and IT-skilled workers) which has a lower earning requirement.

If you would like professional and personalised assistance when making your application, please do not hesitate to contact our offices directly.