German/British Divorce Lawyers in Germany

Comprehensive legal support in times of crisis

Divorce Lawyers
in Germany

Comprehensive legal support in times of crisis

Whether it is the implementation of a pension settlement, the division of foreign assets or the clarification of questions of contact, custody and maintenance law – cross-border divorces are always characterised by enormous legal complexity, which presents a considerable challenge to a non-lawyer.

The German law firm Schlun & Elseven offers comprehensive support in all legal matters that may arise in connection with a British-German divorce. We advise both British couples who live in or have married in Germany and those with other family connections to Germany. Our German lawyers have excellent expertise in UK-German divorce law and the necessary empathy to make this emotionally demanding situation as comfortable as possible for you.

Legal assistance in German Family Law

Representation in Divorce Proceedings
  • Filing the divorce petition with the court

  • Obtaining necessary documents and information from abroad

  • Implementation of a pension equalisation

  • Tax-optimised asset division

  • Clarification of all questions concerning contact, custody and child support law

  • Clarification of all pension insurance claims

  • Enforcement of family law claims and demands
  • Business valuation in the context of equalisation of gains

  • Division of property and equalisation of gains

  • Obligation to provide information and right to information of the spouses with regard to assets

  • Mediation | Out-of-court settlements
  • Prenuptial agreement | Divorce settlement agreement

  • Valuation of debts in the context of an equalisation of gains | Insolvency law aspects

Comprehensive support in German-British Divorce Cases

Brexit has significantly complicated many issues involved in binational divorce cases (including residence permits and citizenship issues). Our team will provide you with an overview of all the family law provisions that need to be considered in your situation.

If a German-British couple have children together, this can lead to delays in settling child and spousal maintenance in the event of a divorce. By working with our German lawyers, the risks involved can be minimised.

Often, tax and immigration law, as well as other areas of law, have a significant impact on divorce cases and require special attention. As a German multidisciplinary law firm, Schlun & Elseven analyses your situation from all legal angles. We work with clients from all over the world and develop clear strategies and procedures for your divorce case.

We offer all our services in both German and English. If you are not a native German speaker (or have limited knowledge of German), our team will ensure that you are fully informed about the process in Germany and receive clear guidance in English.

Child Access and Custody Legal Issues

When divorcing in Germany, the German courts tend to adopt the approach that the child benefits from contact from both parents. In matters of child custody “the best interests of the child” is seen as the general rule to follow. During the divorce process, parents can voluntarily relinquish their rights to joint custody. Furthermore, a parent can seek for the withdrawal of joint custody if they deem the other parent’s custody as “harmful” to the child. Determining whether the remaining contact may be harmful will vary based on the case facts, and those seeking such a solution should consult with their lawyer.

Another danger posed in the breakdown of a marriage, is the possibility of international child abduction. The child may be moved to Germany, or the UK, without the permission of the other parent. Such an action can cause significant distress for the parent and the child (or children) involved. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our family law specialists will outline the legal options available to you in such cases, and provide the legal representation needed in such cases.