About Thomas Bichat

Dr. Thomas Bichat works as a lawyer for employment law and inheritance law for the law firm Schlun & Elseven. In our employment law practice group he advises and represents both employees and employers throughout Germany and worldwide.

Short-Time Working Allowance in Germany: COVID-19 Coronavirus

The spread of COVID-19 coronavirus is leading to unprecedented measures worldwide. This not only affects the personal sphere for now more than a billion people in the form of curfews, quarantines and social distancing measures, but companies in particular are also very much affected by the coronavirus crisis. Considerable losses in turnover, the loss [...]

Invalid provisions in Employment Contracts

In case of conflict with the employer, employees generally first have a look into their employment contract. Should they realise that a provision is formulated to their disadvantage, they often give up any further action. However, this is often a mistake. Employment contracts regularly contain provisions that are invalid and therefore not enforceable. [...]