Entering Germany with High-Value Assets / Cash (€10,000+)

Lawyers for German Criminal Law

Entering Germany with High-Value Assets / Cash (€10,000+)

Lawyers for German Criminal Law

Anyone carrying cash when entering or leaving Germany must fulfil any obligation to declare or notify the authorities. This requirement also applies to securities and other means of payment, as well as valuables (such as expensive jewellery). If you fail to fulfil this obligation, you could face a heavy fine or even an investigation for suspected money laundering. In addition, the responsible tax office or tax investigation centre will usually be informed of the discovery of cash. This situation represents both an emotional burden and a legal challenge for those affected.

To provide our clients with the support they need, Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte offers skilled and committed legal assistance in Germany. Our legal team consists of experienced defence lawyers, including former public prosecutors, with extensive experience dealing with the customs and tax authorities in Germany. We will advise you on your rights as a defendant and support you with the necessary commitment to achieve the best possible outcome.

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