For a short stay in Germany: The Schengen Visa

German Immigration Lawyers

For a short stay in Germany: The Schengen Visa

German Immigration Lawyers

With 26 European countries, including Germany, the Schengen area is considered the largest area in the world within which private individuals can move freely without passport and border controls. While citizens of Schengen states enjoy unrestricted freedom to travel here, third-country nationals generally need a Schengen visa to enter a Schengen state. However, there are agreements between some third countries and the Schengen states that provide for visa exemption.

In order to enable our clients to stay in Germany, the law firm Schlun & Elseven offers appropriate legal assistance. Our German lawyers have excellent expertise in immigration law and many years of experience in supporting application procedures. They will gladly take over the entire Schengen visa application process for you and ensure that all open questions are clarified with the relevant authorities so that you can fully concentrate on your core tasks.

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