German Permanent Residence Permits

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German Permanent Residence Permits

German Immigration Lawyers

Are you already in possession of a German residence permit and have decided to settle permanently in Germany? In the following article, you will find out which requirements must be fulfilled in relation to this, who is entitled to a permanent residence permit in Germany and what you should consider.

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Unlimited Residence Permit in Germany

Basically, a distinction must be made between a temporary and a permanent residence permit. While a residence permit in the form of an ICT (Intra-Corporate Transfer) Card, an EU Blue Card or similar limits the permission of a foreigner to stay in Germany to a specified period of time, the German permanent residence permit and the permit for permanent EU residence permit allow an unlimited stay in Germany. §§ 9 and 9a German Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz – AufenthG) standardise the latter residence titles and the requirements to be met in order to obtain such a title.

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