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How to Apply for an EORI Number in Germany

The Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification number is a European operator identification number. The EORI number is a requirement for customs clearance in the European Union. It is essential for companies from outside of the European Union who are looking to export their goods to the EU, and for companies in the EU looking to export outside of the bloc. Since Brexit, our firm has received an increase in the number of questions and concerns about the EORI number in Germany, in this article, we will outline the process involved in applying for the number. If you are in the midst of a legal dispute or require professional counsel, our customs lawyers can provide specialist assistance.

At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte we are a full-service law firm with offices in Cologne, Aachen and Düsseldorf. We support clients in all German customs law disputes. Allow us to examine your case and assist you with applying for an EORI number in Germany. Our contact details are provided below this article.

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Who Needs an EORI Number in Germany?

Generally, it is companies based outside of the European Union looking to export their products to Germany (and the rest of the EU) that need an EORI number, as well as German companies looking to export to outside of the EU. This definition of a company refers to sole traders and partnerships as well as limited companies if they are involved with the movement of commercial goods. It is not necessary when importing or exporting solely between EU countries or for importing goods for private use. The EORI number is also used by customs authorities for the exchange of customs information between themselves and government departments and agencies. However, the need for an EORI number also extends to those indirectly involved in customs.

The EORI number should be obtained in advance of any activities covered by German customs legislation. It should be noted that should your company have an EORI number from another EU Member State it is all that you need to export to the EU. There is no need for a separate German EORI number.

Applying for the EORI Number in Germany

The EORI number in Germany can be applied for by post, email or by fax to the German Customs Information and Knowledge Management (Informations- und Wissensmanagement Zoll) or by using the Portal on the Zoll website. To use this portal companies need to gain the required ELSTER-issued certificate for security purposes. This certificate is available for companies and for private individuals. Alternatively, applicants for an EORI number can also apply by using the 0870 form. The application process itself is not subject to additional costs but it does require an electronic signature and the necessary documentation. This documentation consists of valid identification documentation to demonstrate that your application is genuine, documents from the German Companies Register or the national Trade Register of the foreign applicant, for companies or the business registration number for sole traders.

Our lawyers can apply for your EORI number and look after the arrangements needed. Once your company has given us written authorisation alongside your contact details, we can prepare your company’s application and work with the German customs officials. Our experienced German customs lawyers have overseen many EORI number applications and know the exact requirements necessary. Where possible we will seek to accelerate the procedure and ensure that there are no unforeseen complications in the application.

Applying for the EORI Number for a Branch in Germany

The EORI number should be submitted by your company’s main office/headquarters as a German branch or representary office will not have the legal capacity to make that application. However, there is a special application procedure once the headquarters has its own EORI number. The application for the German branch needs to include the branch number, the name of the company, the business address and the EORI number of the company’s main office. Our customs lawyers can oversee the entire procedure. Gaining this EORI number for the German branch allows that office to operate with German customs officials in its own right.

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Alongside applying for the EORI number in Germany, our lawyers can advise you in cases where disputes arise. As a full-service law firm, Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte will support and advise you on any difficulties with customs officials and will expertly represent you in any customs law legal cases. Exporting goods to Germany as a company based outside of the European Union can be a complex business and often unexpected difficulties can arise. From complications getting the required paperwork to accusations of fraud or undervaluing goods, our German customs lawyers will advise you on the actions you can take. Should you experience fraud, breaches of your data or any other difficulty contact our customs lawyers directly. Use our contact details below.

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