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The world of business is more international than ever. Working across borders and markets is now an everyday matter. In fact, remaining fixed to one country and one area can mean falling behind your rivals and losing out to your competition! When it comes to European expansion Germany is the ideal location to bring your business. Located at the centre of the continent, Germany plays a key role geographically and, as a strong European Union member, politically and economically too. With a well-educated workforce, high levels of English competence and a formidable cultural work ethic, it is not surprising that Germany is a popular country for business expansion.

However, corporate immigration also brings complications. Moving a business from one country to another, or expanding to another country, can be challenging in areas such as understanding the applicable legal system, the tax system, the political climate and other, more intangible, concerns. Even moving employees from one part of the company to a European/German subsidiary can be demanding. These inherent complications can occur regardless of the size of your business or whether you are establishing a smaller subsidiary or a European Headquarters for your business. Therefore, when it comes to corporate immigration it is advisable to have a partner available to assist you. Schlun & Elseven is a German law firm with an international outlook and we provide comprehensive assistance when it comes to issues in this field.

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As a full-service law firm, Schlun & Elseven will represent your business comprehensively.

Moving to Germany

The first step in corporate immigration is of course the preparing for the move to Germany. On this front our lawyers will be on-hand to aid with the legal side of this move. Essentially, we will assist with issues involving ICT Cards, EU Blue Cards and other general relocation services for your company’s staff. The form of residency permit will of course be discussed with the company before deciding on the appropriate form for any moving staff. However, we will also offer our advice and assistance on issues relating to setting up the company in Germany and which form should your subsidiary take. All types of companies have different regulations and requirements to follow, therefore it is vital to make sure you have legal assistance in this matter. We will provide further advice on concerns about tax, suitable insurance, German real estate as well as environmental regulations and other requirements.

However, our relocation services go beyond just the legal requirements and regulations as we also provide more advice on Germany generally. Is your company looking for the right city to establish itself in? Then look no further than Schlun & Elseven! Our team knows Germany and will provide solid advice as to an appropriate location for your industry. Do your employees need information about schools, education possibilities in Germany, accommodation, language courses etc.? Once again, we will be there to provide the assistance you need! All things considered, there is a huge amount of work involved in corporate immigration that goes beyond knowing the German Residency Act and that is why we will be there with you on your journey.

Services in Germany

Following the move to Germany we will remain available to assist you further. We believe in personable service to ensure that your needs are comprehensively looked after. Our lawyers will aid and counsel when it comes to company strategic planning and legal compliance advice. We are an experienced operator in the German market, and we will provide ourselves as a solid sounding board for your ideas for your German expansion. Without question, having a reliable partner who knows the area and market could prove invaluable! Our legal team will be there for you when it comes to a range of issues including:

  • Further German expansion (how and where to open further offices),
  • Changing business form (e.g. changing from a Start-Up to a Private Limited Company – UG to GmbH),
  • Acquiring real estate,
  • Family office facilities,
  • Support in Debt Collection,
  • Advice regarding German Banking Law,
  • Tax assistance,
  • Advice on Insurance,
  • Corporate law counsel,
  • Employment law rights in Germany.

If you want more information on the services, we offer when it comes to corporate immigration please contact our office directly using our contact details below.

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Your Partner in Corporate Immigration

If you are considering corporate immigration, Schlun & Elseven is the legal partner for you. Although our primary specialisation is in immigration law we pride ourselves as a full-service law firm. With this in mind, we utilize our knowledge of different legal areas such as corporate law, IT law and employment law to provide comprehensive service. Furthermore, we help companies of different sizes when it comes to facilitating the moving of their employees and in opening branches in Germany. This article will provide just some of the legal services available from our firm when it comes to corporate immigration.

However, our service extends beyond just legal advice as we will also aid you with establishing the company in Germany. Our aim as your partner is to make Germany as comfortable a location for expansion as possible. In the first place we acknowledge the importance of clear and open communication and for this reason we offer our services in English as well as German. With offices in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Aachen along with meeting facilities in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg our lawyers are available nationwide. Below this article you will find our contact details so if you have any further questions make sure to contact us directly.

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