German Medical Machinery: Contracts and Litigation

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German Medical Machinery: Contracts and Litigation

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The German medical machinery industry is prominent in the global healthcare market and is known for its advanced technology and stringent quality standards. In terms of market share, Germany is by far the most significant European market in this area. With a positive domestic market outlook and strong exports, there are substantial growth opportunities within the medical technology industry, which comprises almost entirely small and medium-sized companies. Thanks to high productivity and advanced manufacturing leadership, Germany is an attractive production location. The country enjoys a long and successful mechanical medical engineering and high-quality manufacturing tradition.

However, dealing with the legal aspects of this sector poses significant challenges for international clients who may be unfamiliar with German law. From the inception of contracts governing manufacturing and distribution to resolving disputes through litigation, the legal framework surrounding German medical machinery is both complex and pivotal. At Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte, our full-service law firm is available to provide specialised legal guidance to firms involved in this field. We regularly advise international businesses concerning litigation concerning medical devices in Germany.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for specialised legal guidance in all matters relating to the German medical machinery industry and legal cases concerning medical devices.

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Our Legal Services relating to German Medical Machinery

Contractual Agreements and Regulatory Compliance
  • Distribution and supply chain contracts

  • Drafting and negotiation manufacturing agreements

  • Obtaining authorisations and certifications

  • Regulatory compliance assessment

  • Research and development (R&D) agreements

Product Liability and Risk Management
  • Insurance coverage for product liability risks

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Product liability risk assessment & mitigation

  • Product recall planning and execution

Litigation and Dispute Resolution
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