Police Summons in Germany – What to do?

German criminal procedure is designed to allow the accused to comment on an accusation. This opportunity is initially provided in the context of a police interrogation. However, if this may initially appear to be suitable to exonerate oneself, statements by the accused often lead to the accused incriminating himself. Therefore, you should not directly follow [...]

Unlawful Receipt of German Child Benefit Payments

The accusation of unlawful receipt of child benefit can result in criminal proceedings. This can come to a shock of many parents who aren't aware of this fact. Many are also not aware that should they or their children move abroad then they may lose their entitlement to child benefit. Not informing the "Familienkasse" (the [...]

Reduced Working Hours / Kurzarbeit Criminal Abuse in Germany

Registration for short-time work allowance (Kurzarbeit) is a German government initiative to avert the dismissal of employees in tense economic situations by temporarily reducing working hours. As a result, the loss of earnings is reimbursed by the Federal Employment Agency with the short-time working allowance. Please see our article on COVID-19 Coronavirus: Economic Measures in [...]

Can You Get a DUI for Riding an E-Scooter in Germany?

The E-Scooter has become hugely popular around Germany. Since coming into Germany in June of this year, E-Scooters have spread to every city in the country. However, that has also led to some problems, including using them under the influence of alcohol. The number of DUIs involving E-Scooters has been substantial. In this article we [...]