Reduced Working Hours / Kurzarbeit Criminal Abuse in Germany

Registration for short-time work allowance (Kurzarbeit) is a German government initiative to avert the dismissal of employees in tense economic situations by temporarily reducing working hours. As a result, the loss of earnings is reimbursed by the Federal Employment Agency with the short-time working allowance. Please see our article on COVID-19 Coronavirus: Economic Measures in [...]

Can You Get a DUI for Riding an E-Scooter in Germany?

The E-Scooter has become hugely popular around Germany. Since coming into Germany in June of this year, E-Scooters have spread to every city in the country. However, that has also led to some problems, including using them under the influence of alcohol. The number of DUIs involving E-Scooters has been substantial. In this article we [...]