On our own behalf: “FCA & Recovery Plan” Scam

The internet has created numerous new opportunities and possibilities and, unfortunately, room for attempted fraud. Thus, people from all over the world are increasingly becoming victims of cyberattacks and scams that induce them to transfer more or less large sums of money. The money is usually irretrievably lost. A new fraud attempt is circulating [...]

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Cannabis – The Current Legal Situation and Political Developments in Germany

It is one of Germany's most commonly distributed and consumed drugs - cannabis. As far as the legal situation in Germany is concerned, the production, trade and all activities related to this substance (which is considered non-marketable according to the German Narcotics Act Schedule I) are currently clearly regulated: acquisition and possession are prohibited; [...]

The Cultivation of Cannabis – Possibilities in Germany

According to Annexe I German Narcotics Act, cannabis is a non-marketable substance. The production, trade, and activities associated with this drug are clearly regulated in German law. Thus, among other things, the acts mentioned above and acquisition and possession are prohibited and, in some cases, punishable by imprisonment or a fine. Nevertheless, there is consideration [...]

Beware of Scam & Phishing Fraud: Copy of our Website

Due to current events, we have to warn our site visitors against fraudsters. There is no risk for our existing clients or for our future clients. Our systems have not been compromised. Nature of the Scam: Replicating the Website Third parties have replicated our website and registered it under a domain containing our law firm's [...]