Extradition & Interpol Lawyer Germany

Schlun & Elseven has extensive experience in international extradition negotiation and litigation, especially in cases related to Interpol Notices. Through our knowledge of the complexities of extradition law, our close contacts with local extradition counsel worldwide and our willingness to travel overseas to meet with clients before they arrive in Germany have succeeded in helping clients resist extradition.

In such extradition proceedings one should always rely on dependable and experienced legal counsel. Through our diverse language skills – English, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese – and having represented clients in a multitude of cases involving extradition proceedings, we have been able to amass a wealth of knowledge and a lot of experience in these types of cases. The law firm Schlun & Elseven is available to you nationwide and is your reliable and competent partner in all questions surrounding extradition proceedings, Interpol Notices and similar issues.

If you need immediate assistance with German extradition law or Interpol, you can contact us at any time using our secure contact options.

Extradition Law & Interpol Notices: Expertise

Our clients in the field of extradition law are in an exceptional situation which requires exceptional legal support. It is not infrequently the case that the freedom, life and physical integrity of those affected can depend on whether they have used all legal possibilities against an impending extradition. Our lawyers of the practice group for extradition law have specialised in supporting people in this situation in the best possible way.

Our services for German Extradition Law include the following: