Rechtsanwälte für Privatpersonen

Kompetente Unterstützung für Privatpersonen


Kompetente Unterstützung für Privatpersonen

Bei Schlun & Elseven können Sie umfassende rechtliche Unterstützung von Spezialisten erwarten. Unsere Privatmandanten profitieren von einer fachkundigen Beratung, die das gesamte rechtliche Spektrum umfasst. Rechtsangelegenheiten erfordern häufig die Unterstützung von Anwälten, die nicht nur über Fachwissen und langjährige Erfahrung verfügen, sondern auch über Sensibilität, Verständnis und Durchsetzungsvermögen. Unsere Rechtsanwälte arbeiten mit Ihnen zusammen, um die bestmöglichen Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Dazu wird Ihr Fall mit der erforderlichen individuellen Schwerpunktsetzung behandelt. Kontaktieren Sie uns noch heute für eine individuelle Rechtsberatung durch unsere spezialisierten Anwälte.

My experience with the attorney Christos Sotiri was excellent. He provided all the essential information that I needed. He laid out an easy-to-understand roadmap, and his English skills were superb. I highly recommend him and will engage his service for my immigration process.
Bianca B.
17:56 22 Mar 23
I highly recommend this firm. I was in terrible situation regarding my Blue Card visa and my lawyer was Mr. Christos Sotiri. He handled my case brilliantly and navigated the bureacracy of German immigration law with great skill. In the end, I was able to land in Germany and get my Blue Card.I am confident that if this firm can handle a convoluted case such as mine, they can deal with pretty much any case related to German immigration. You are guaranteed to be in good hands. Great job!
Muhammad Sarim M.
10:42 21 Mar 23
Had a very good meeting with Daniel Schewior. Gave excellent insight and information on a proposed move to Germany. I recommend Daniel and his company to anyone needing expert guidance regarding immigration. Excellent service.
Neil A.
19:16 16 Mar 23
The attorneys and staff at Schlun & Elseven (principally attorneys Sandra Zimmerling and Julie Schäfer) successfully assisted my family with obtaining German citizenship, on the basis of lost familial citizenship related to Jewish persecution by the Nazis. I highly recommend their services -- the process is rather involved, and they successfully shepherded me through it. I am very pleased with how things worked out, and am very pleased with their legal assistance.
David D.
01:44 14 Mar 23
Lawyers possess a good knowledge of the immigration policies. They could give a decent overview of the entire case by providing possible solutions. I was pleased by their attention to detail and attitude.I would like personally to thank Chris for the first consultation.
Denis G.
10:07 11 Mar 23
Anwalt immigration Spezialist Herr Daniel Schewior ist sehr professionell und verantwortungsvoll beraten und erfolgreich für meine Familie gehandelt. ich werde ihn und sein Team weiterempfehlen . Vielen Dank nochmals👍 5 Sterne .
Florian H.
11:59 07 Mar 23
I would like to thank Dr. Julius Hagen for a consultation about a delicate legal family matter. I have acquired a professional and sound advice to follow in order to resolve our issue, as well as a clear understanding of the steps we should take next.
Oleksii T.
09:48 27 Feb 23
After instructing Patricia Zeuß to represent me during my custody and divorce case, I can only say how impressed I have been at her and her teams work on my behalf. As a non German speaker, the idea of navigating family court was terrifying. However, not only have they created compelling and thorough argumentation of my case, they ensured that I have full transcriptions in English, am properly consulted, and I am kept well informed. I am very grateful.
Emma D.
08:28 09 Feb 23
Mr. Schewior provided excellent, prompt and valuable advice to me regarding employment law in Germany post-Brexit which salvaged an IT freelance contract. Thank you Mr. Schewior and the team at Schlun & Elseven Lawyers!
14:04 04 Dec 22
I couldn’t be more pleased with the assistance I received from Schlun & Elseven. Over the past 18 months they helped me obtain first a Blaue Karte and then later a Niederlassungserlaubnis, making the process smooth and predictable. All communication was friendly, timely, and stress-free. I wholeheartedly recommend them for any immigration legal needs.
Paul S.
16:05 29 Nov 22
I had a fantastic experience with this law firm. They helped me obtain our German blue card for me and my family members in a short time. very good communication from the staff and the attorney. My attorney was Dr. Arne. I definitely recommend him and this law firm.
Jilbert R.
20:39 19 Nov 22
Daniel Schewior and his team were able to successfully guide me and two other family members through the complexities of acquiring dual citizenship. Always cheery, communicative, resourceful and thoughtful, neither the pandemic nor the vagaries of the Germany's Federal Office of Administration deterred Daniel and his colleagues at S&E. We are all delighted with the outcome. Would very much recommend.Daniel Schewior und sein Team konnten mich und zwei weitere Familienmitglieder erfolgreich durch die Komplexität des Erwerbs der doppelten Staatsbürgerschaft führen. Stets gut gelaunt, kommunikativ, einfallsreich und gewissenhaft, weder die Pandemie noch die Besonderheiten der BVA schreckten Daniel und seine S&E Kollegen ab. Wir sind alle sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Würde diese Firma sehr empfehlen.
Nicholas de T.
16:18 01 Nov 22
Thanks a lot Daniel Sch. for helping our family in the unusual case in unusual times!Blue Cards are ready, everything is fine!
Kirill T
07:33 25 Aug 22
Excellent service with regard to my immigration query. My assigned professional (Daniel) was able to promptly answer all my questions and has provided clear follow-up answers for othet questions that have arisen. I would highly recommend using these services if you have any queries regarding German immigration!
Chris C.
07:53 23 Aug 22
I had a great consultation with Mr. Daniel Schewior about immigration policy and its requirements and I can gladly say that they are a competent law firm. I would definitely recommend their services.
Abdallah A.
17:01 27 Jun 22
My journey to becoming a resident has been a very stressful one from the beginning. Daniel laid out every option(solution) for us and helped us with every step. Although I must admit I haven't been patient enough, and Daniel is neither a good communicator BUT, he always makes sure he gets things done and on point at the same time according to my request despite a time-constrained. Without hesitation, Daniel is a lawyer to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer that works smartly for their clients. If I have to recommend a lawyer to anyone, Daniel Schewioris the right call. :)
Rea H.
13:09 21 Jun 22
In a very difficult situation, at a very sensitive time, this law firm, and Dr. Bichat in particular, helped me build a defense against unlawful dismissal. Although this was a simple employment dispute, each agent I spoke with from these offices treated me with not only the professionalism and integrity you should expect from your legal practice, but also the compassion I needed to confidently resolve the dispute on my own. Dealing with Schlun & Elseven Lawyers felt like having a lawyer friend I could call in an emergency, something unfortunately everyone needs from time to time. I recommend their services as a first stop in a crisis, not just as a last resort.
Ariane Cynthia P.
14:55 07 Jun 22
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kanzlei Schlun & Elseven . Considering, distance and language as my German is very limited, the communication, promptness, efficiency and professionalism were exemplary from all staff I dealt with from the first communication to the end.As far as I was concerned this was a difficult case as it involved family. Dr Thomas Bichat was very supportive with a very approachable attitude which I found pleasing as it made it easier to deal with especially as it was a sensitive family issue. He explained everything clearly, answered all questions, which eased my concerns.The case was promptly dealt with and completed in a very short timescale.I definitely would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Thomas Bichatand this company.
Rhia B.
12:27 31 May 22
I had a fantastic experience with my lawyer Nicole Eggert on a a very important case. Nicole was the ultimate professional: responsive, knowledgeable, and on top of things 100% of the time. Top lawyer and a top firm that helped me get everything sorted for my family just when I was starting to lose hope. Thank you again so much, Nicole!
coco J.
18:23 30 May 22
Lawyer Maria helped with my case at the German family court. She was always very responsive and helpful, my case was handled by maximum efficiency and professionalism. I can definitely recommend her.
Anna D.
13:25 10 Jan 22
I had engaged the services of Daniel Schewior for I question I had for a family member and I am very satisfied with his professionalism and expertise on the subject matter. Will continue to engage his services ongoing...
Nerie S.
14:49 14 Dec 21
I had a consultation with Mr. Schewior regarding dual citizenship and my application for the "Beibehaltungsgenehmigung". Mr. Schewior was very patient and honed in exactly on my personal situation. He gave me excellent advice and made me aware of possible future changes in the law. Mr. Schewior also consulted with a colleague as my situation spanned other legal aspects in addition to immigration law. I was very pleased with the consultation and would recommend Mr. Schewior and Schlun & Elseven for immigration matters, especially when not resident in Germany.
Julia A.
14:12 14 Dec 21
Lawyer Daniel Schewior has cleared the path of foreigners marrying in Germany as well as addressed the topic of employment and immigration. The three topics, Marriage, employment requirements and immigration for foreigners do blend together in areas and Mr. Daniel on every subject gave prompt and clear advice on every questions and subject. The journey is just beginning and we look forward to working with him and this organization to make the journey and the steps clear. Mr Daniel thank you.
Steve W.
11:23 11 Nov 21
Daniel Schewior was the lawyer we consulted for complex (to us at least) immigration questions, he was very very helpful and spoke perfect english!
Tomas M.
16:13 06 Nov 21
I had my initial consultation with lawyer Daniel Schewior on 09/29/21 via Zoom video, and I was genuinely impressed. The purpose of the consultation was to discuss the requirements/process of obtaining a student resident permit to Germany for a family member. I had very specific questions as I had done some research prior to the call, and Daniel was able to answer all my questions and explain what immigration law requires as it relates to the application. I did not feel rushed at all and felt very well informed by the end of call. I was most impressed by Daniel’s customer service and knowledge. I absolutely recommend him!
Linda I.
15:01 01 Oct 21
Daniel Schewior was the attorney representing me at Schlun & Elseven when I approached the firm about an immigration/naturalization matter. He is very knowledgeable, professional, responsible and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their fees are very reasonable and I would recommend this firm to anyone looking to be represented by a lawyer with the highest integrity.
Stan W.
11:11 21 Jun 21
S&E agreed to take on a complicated immigration case and got a great outcome. Our lawyer Daniel Schewior was friendly, responsive and went the extra mile to help understand our case and come up with a legal strategy. Couldn't recommend enough!
Ethan F.
22:07 02 Jun 21
I reached out to S&E Legal for a consultation regarding residence permits for U.S citizens. I had my meeting with Daniel Schewior, who was very professional, friendly and knowledgable. He provided us with clear and concise answers. Prices are reasonable and completely worth it when trying to navigate the complicated German immigration system.
Jessica M.
12:52 26 May 21
WE WON! Mr. Samir Muratovic, thanks to you and your team a long and emotionally draining battle with the foreign office has finally come to an end. We are deeply grateful for both your legal expertise and support over the past 6 months.My wife and I lived in the United States for 15 years, and then decided to return to Germany to be closer to her family. Despite having previously held permanent residency in Germany for decades, we were bluntly told upon our return that we were no longer welcome in the country. At that point we contacted Mr. Muratovic who quickly assessed our situation and began a process that has resulted in the foreign office having to acknowledge our legal right to permanent residency. We could not have succeeded without him!
Kennedy O.
21:58 22 May 21
Very friendly, competent and English speaking lawyers. Excellent service and response time. I spoke with Mr. Muratovic for immigration related legal questions and process and had a very pleasant, detailed and informative conversation. I highly recommend the team !
Venkat R.
07:48 07 May 21
Hello,We acquired this firm to handle a matter for our family, and we dont live in germany but upon contacting the firm and meeting with Dr.Wurm we where extremely happy with the great care and knowledge he provided regarding our case as it is ongoing Dr.Wurm does not fail to provide us with help and updates and is extremely caring and always in contact with no matter what. Dr.Wurm is very knowledgable with the case and all the laws pertaining to the case and provides you with the best approach to take towards your case. I truly recommend Dr.Wurm he is driven motivated to help you and truly cares we cant thank him enough for what he is doing right now.
Eric G.
15:55 15 Apr 21
Navigating residence & immigration issues can be stressful. You need a lawyer who knows the law, understands your situation and has your best interests in mind. For this I highly recommend Nicole Eggert.
Jodie G.
07:44 19 Feb 21
Schlun & Elseven has by far the most competent immigration attorneys out there in Germany. I spoke to them on the phone and on emails and their answers were always very thorough and very professional with a personal touch as well. Mr. Aykut and his team members that I came across had a honest interest in guiding me the right way which as we all know these days we don't see much, especially from lawyers. He was always there to answer any of our questions or concerns we had. Hope this review helps anyone looking for genuine representation for their civil and criminal defense needs. All the best.
Faheem S
17:33 20 Jan 21
I had an awesome experience working with this law firm specifically with Samir Muratovic! I had some immigration issues with getting my girlfriend a VISA to come visit me in Germany. Samir was able to get everything ironed out and in the end my girlfriend finally was approved for her VISA and is with me in Germany right now. Thank you Samir, and to all of you at Schlun & Elseven!
09:43 19 Jan 21
I had the pleasure of having the advice and counselling of Ms. Wolters and her empathy, very clear and professional advice was on point.I would highly recommend the firm having also used them for Immigration advice and in particular Ms Wolters for family rights. Nothing but great things to say about my experience.
oula A.
12:08 23 Sep 20

Unsere Mandanten profitieren von einer Rechtsberatung sowie Mandantenbetreuung auf höchstem Niveau. Wir legen besonders hohen Wert auf Diskretion und Transparenz. Die Entscheidungsfindung bezüglich des weiteren Vorgehens in einer rechtlichen Angelegenheit erfolgt stets gemeinsam mit unseren Mandanten. So wird durch eine offene Kommunikation wird sichergestellt, dass Sie nicht vor vollendete Tatsachen gestellt werden. Wir sind bestrebt, Ihnen während der gesamten Bearbeitung Ihres Falls Klarheit über Ihre rechtlichen Möglichkeiten zu verschaffen. Gleichzeitig können Sie sich stets auf eine diskrete und aufmerksame Arbeitsweise unserer Rechtsanwälte verlassen.

Eine erstklassige Mandantenbetreuung steht seit jeher im Mittelpunkt unseres Unternehmens. Unser Betreuungsteam setzt sich während und nach unseren juristischen Dienstleistungen mit Ihnen in Verbindung, um sich bezüglich Ihrer Zufriedenheit zu versichern. Von unseren Mandanten wird unsere Kanzlei für den geleisteten Service hochgeschätzt. Dennoch sind wir auf kontinuierliches Wachstum ausgerichtet.

Spezialisierung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Wenn Sie sich gerichtlichen und außergerichtlichen Herausforderungen stellen, möchten Sie sichergehen, dass Ihre Anwälte auf höchstem Niveau arbeiten. Um dies zu gewährleisten, wird bei Schlun & Elseven hoher Wert auf Spezialisierung gelegt. Daher verfügen wir über Fachanwälte in den Bereichen Familien-, Arbeits- und Gesellschaftsrecht. In den Bereichen Einwanderungs- und Wirtschaftsimmigrationsrecht steht Ihnen eine Praxisgruppe aus auf diesem Gebiet führenden Fachanwälten zur Verfügung.

Die Vorteile der modernen Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie erweisen sich zunehmend als wertvoll. Durch den Einsatz digitaler Kontaktmethoden und Cloud Computing stehen unsere Anwälte Mandanten auf der ganzen Welt zur Verfügung. Eine schnelle und zuverlässige Kommunikation durch Videokonferenzen und andere Kommunikationsmethoden ist in der heutigen Zeit unerlässlich. Wenn andere schließen, bleibt unsere Kanzlei für Sie geöffnet und geschäftsbereit. Als Mandant von Schlun & Elseven können Sie sich jederzeit an unsere Rechtsanwälte wenden.

Bei Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB erhalten Sie umfassende Rechtsberatung aus einer Hand. Die Komplexität des deutschen Rechts macht diesen Full-Service-Ansatz für unsere Mandanten so wertvoll. Denn nur eine Full-Service-Kanzlei kann eine gründliche rechtliche Analyse, Beratung und Vertretung in allen Bereichen garantieren. Liegen rechtsgebietsübergreifende Fallgestaltungen vor, können sich unsere Anwälte untereinander beraten. Dies beschleunigt die Bearbeitung Ihres Falles und sorgt gleichzeitig für effiziente Lösungen. So sparen Sie vor allem Zeit und Kosten.

Sollten unsere Mandanten darüber hinaus in weitere Rechtsstreitigkeiten geraten, brauchen sie sich nicht anderweitig nach einem Rechtsanwalt umzusehen. Vielmehr können sich unsere Mandanten auf die Unterstützung unserer Rechtsexperten verlassen. Denn unser Full-Service-Ansatz bedeutet, dass Sie sich an Schlun & Elseven wenden können, wann immer Sie juristischen Rat von erfahrenen Spezialisten benötigen.

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24h Kontakt: 0221 93295960
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