Rechtsanwälte für Privatpersonen

Kompetente Unterstützung für Privatpersonen


Kompetente Unterstützung für Privatpersonen

Bei Schlun & Elseven können Sie umfassende rechtliche Unterstützung von Spezialisten erwarten. Unsere Privatmandanten profitieren von einer fachkundigen Beratung, die das gesamte rechtliche Spektrum umfasst. Rechtsangelegenheiten erfordern häufig die Unterstützung von Anwälten, die nicht nur über Fachwissen und langjährige Erfahrung verfügen, sondern auch über Sensibilität, Verständnis und Durchsetzungsvermögen. Unsere Rechtsanwälte arbeiten mit Ihnen zusammen, um die bestmöglichen Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Dazu wird Ihr Fall mit der erforderlichen individuellen Schwerpunktsetzung behandelt. Kontaktieren Sie uns noch heute für eine individuelle Rechtsberatung durch unsere spezialisierten Anwälte.

Based on 759 reviews
daniel E.
Mr. Chris Sotiri and the staff of the office of Schlun and Elseven successfully assisted me with obtaining permanent residency to join my family in Germany. Mr. Sotiri and the staff flawlessly prepared all the necessary documentation and maintained consistent communication with myself and my wife to ensure we knew how the process was going. Mr. Sotiri's professionalism and ease of communication made the whole process worry-free. Great job! Professional and efficient service! I would highly recommend for any and all legal needs. Vielen Dank!
Miryam Bautista T.
Mr. Sotiri was very professional at the time of the first consultation, he resolved our doubts about the family residence quickly and will be with us throughout the entire process, which gives us a lot of confidence.
Rrezarta R.
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Sotiri on my immigration case, and I am thoroughly impressed by his professionalism and expertise. He is very well-informed about immigration law and was always responsive to my questions. Thanks to Mr. Sotiri's dedication, the entire process was smooth and efficient. What could have been a stressful experience was made remarkably easy. I highly recommend his services—absolutely a 10/10.
Joel W.
The pros from Dover.They know what they're doing, what they're talking about, and have the connections and know how to solve your problem.I know that may sound like a puff piece, but it's true. The law basically said that I could not get a residence permit in Germany. Mr. Soitiri convinced them to make an exception.I wouldn't use anyone else for immigration related matters.
Gerry H.
I wrote to EIGHT immigration lawyers and got ONE reply. Plus, the lawyer, Roman Franke, was MOST helpful, polite and full of needed information. Dont waste your time with other lawyers; use the best, and forget the rest. Gerald Hagen., an Australian.
Claney L.
I worked with Christos, and I appreciated his excellent competence on the specific immigration matter. He explained the process and answered clarifying questions well; providing the assurance of what could be done. He provided timely updates on the process.
Jessica B.
Mr. Sotiri is an excellent lawyer who is thoroughly informed on all the latest updates to German immigration laws. Within minutes he was able to answer questions for me that I'd already spent hours researching only to end up with more questions. Working with him brings peace of mind. I highly recommend this law practice.
Karthikeyan A.
I had an extremely informative meeting with Mr. Sotiri regarding my questions and way forward for a few immigration related topics. Highly skilled,polite and showed high levels of patience to explain me each and every details of the rules and by-laws that would be enforced for my case.Highly competent and would recommend to avail his services when necessary.
Rebecca C.
I was very impressed by Dominik's knowledge and ability to communicate complex information in a way that a layman could grasp. He allowed plenty of time for questions and patiently repeated information or rephrased it. I am very grateful to Roman for ensuring I had this opportunity to explore the possibility of German citizenship for myself and for family members too.
Stephanie S.
Ich hatte das Vergnügen, mit Frau Schaefer bei meinem Antrag auf deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft zusammenzuarbeiten. Frau Schaefer erläuterte ausführlich und klar den Prozess und die damit verbundenen Gebühren. Sie war immer ansprechbar und hat wie versprochen weitergeholfen, ohne dass ich dazu aufgefordert wurde. Sie war sympathisch, so freundlich und immer professionell.Ich habe sie und die Kanzlei Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte meiner Familie empfohlen, damit auch sie die Erlangung der deutschen Staatsbürgerschaft prüfen können. Ich werde nicht zögern, mich erneut an sie zu wenden, wenn ich in Zukunft eine rechtliche Vertretung benötige (hoffentlich werde ich das nicht brauchen ;-).________I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Schaefer on my application for German citizenship. Ms. Schaefer explained the process and the associated fees in detail and clearly. She was always approachable and helped as promised without me having to follow-up. She was personable, so friendly and always professional.I recommended her and the law firm Schlun & Elseven Rechtsanwälte to my family so that they too could consider obtaining German citizenship. I will not hesitate to contact her again if I need legal representation in the future (hopefully I won't need that ;-).
Ali H.
I contacted the firm for legal consultants regarding a work permit and the best possible residence type in Germany for me and my family. The pricing was okay. The time of response was very fast and within 2 days I got an appointment. Although he didn't have much time, Mr. Christos Sotiri had a very well preparation and was fully aware of different aspects of my case. I received direct, useful, and to the point guidance and answers to my questions and thanks to him the path is much more clear to me. I can confidently suggest him for similar matters.
Syed Morshed K.
I am really impressed with the services I have received from Schlun & Elseven Lawyers. They are very professional, supportive and knowledgeable about immigration and citizenship related issues. Moreover, they don't have the intention to make money from client by suggesting unnecessary tasks or commitments. Mr. Dominik Müller was very well prepared during the discussion sessions with me and he provided very useful suggestions on my issues. Mr. Roman Franke was also very quick in arranging my meeting and also in follow-up. I strongly recommend Schlun & Elseven Lawyers.
Louis K.
I can fully recommend the services of this law firm. Their responses to all my requests were fast, efficient and comprehensive. While I am a South African lawyer by profession, Mr. Dominik Müller provided me with excellent guidance on the details of German immigration law. It is encouraging to know one is in such good hands in a foreign jurisdiction. I will definitely make use of their services again and can fully recommend them. Prof. Dr. Dr. Louis Kotzé
Guillermo G.
They responded very quickly to my inquiry and provided very clear and concise information regarding my family's chances of acquiring german citizenship.

Unsere Mandanten profitieren von einer Rechtsberatung sowie Mandantenbetreuung auf höchstem Niveau. Wir legen besonders hohen Wert auf Diskretion und Transparenz.